Texas Hold Em Betting

About: in Poker, a bet can either be a declaration that you have the best hand and that you are willing to wager money on it or that you have a very poor hand and that you will fold if you are forced to put a wager on it. According to the rules, you are supposed to place a bet when you have a good hand and you are supposed to fold when you have a hand that will not get you far at all. However, this is not how the game of poker usually works and the norm is for players to usually be sly and cunning and work their way around a poor hand and still come away with a win. However, you should not do this a lot if you are a beginner. You should follow the basic strategy first and then gradually commence onto other tactics.
Texas Hold Em Betting
These tips should illustrate when to place a bet so that you can improve your game.

If you need the game to be over immediately, then there is one technique that you can employ that will terminate proceedings. When you are in the dealer’s position, and the only things remaining in the game besides you are the blinds, a raise at this point is known as ‘blind-stealing’. This is because the blinds may fold and if you did not raise and you just simply called, the blind would check.
Suppose you are the last to act and all the other players have already checked up to you, then if you bet only to limit the number of players so that you can take the pot, it is called a ‘steal-raise’. This is not a fail-proof plan because some of the smarter players will be able to check your move and counter you by acting on your poor hand. Hence, do not use this tactic too much.
An example of the mind games that are played in poker is when you check your opponent only with the intention of luring them to bet, so that you can raise them back. This will lull them into a false sense of security so that you can pounce and make your move that will win you the pot. This is known as the ‘check-raise’.
This move is particularly dicey because it involves the first person to act to raise, thereby making all the others call two bets at once. The basic intention behind this is to limit the amount of players in the game. This effect will cause many players to fold and you will need to watch out because the players left will either have an equally great hand or will be equally aggressive.
These pointers will give you a few opening tips on when to bet in the game of poker. This is essential to all beginners because they must learn the ropes first before they can seriously start challenging opponents of all kinds.

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