Royal Online Casino

The Royal Vegas Casino has long been one of the better casinos online. It has been under the Microgaming brand for years now and within the Microgaming brand there is a constant demand for excellence for casinos that would like to be featured as being the pride and joy of that particular organization. Royal Vegas has long been on that list of pride and joy and for that reason there are many people that were not surprised at all when the online casino decided to celebrate its new and improved look and feel vis-à-vis downloadable software packages with an offer that extends the normal bonus offers it has going.

Normally speaking, Royal Vegas offers a starting promotion to new players that have two steps involved to it. The first step of the offer is 100 free spins. These spins allow a player the chance to win EUR 200.00 right off the bat as long as they end up leaving the spins game with more credits than they entered with. Up to the first EUR 200.00 above the amount they start with is given to them to keep as a bonus amount gained from the use of the free spins. Once that part of the initial promotion was done, Royal Vegas stepped in and offered a conventional first time deposit bonus that is worth 100% up to EUR 100.00 as a way of rewarding players even if they were unable to get anything out of the 100 free spins.

Because of this second bonus, it has often been the case that people take the free spins offer from Royal Vegas as a way of really scoping out the place and seeing what the different slot machines are like. People find that they enjoy the slot machines and then end up joining for real to get the bonus and if they are lucky maybe even gaining something from the free spins experience in the first place. Since the free spins offer has really evolved into a way to try out the real money slot machines at Royal Vegas, it is perhaps no surprise that their recent decision to move the free spins from 100 free spins to 1000 free spins has raised eyebrows at the same time that it has piqued the interest of many new online casino players that are now seriously starting to consider Royal Vegas as their home base online.

With ten times the number of spins that you would normally get, you can actually take your time and try out every single slots game that Royal Vegas has to offer and still end up getting a decent amount of play on all of them. If you want to be particular about it, you can just pick a handful of games and get 50-100 spins on each of them depending on the number you choose to take with you. It is a great way to get introduced to exactly what Royal Vegas has to offer and it is precisely for that reason that Royal Vegas has done this.

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